Small Packaging Line LINEPACK MINI
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Baked goods and confectionery products (waffles, bread, pizza, cakes, biscuits, sweets, rolls), ice cream (cups, bars), cheese, frozen foods (burgers, fish sticks, dumplings, pancakes), egetables, fresh herbs, industrial products (bandages, cotton pads, cloths, sponges, soap bars), products on trays.
Technical data
Kinematical speed, max, cycles/min. 25
Film type Polyethylenes, polypropylenes
Film thickness, mcr 25-40 (up to 70 under certain conditions)
Product width, min, mm 25
Product width, max, mm 320
Product length, min, mm 100
Product length, max, mm Limitless
Product height, max, mm 180
Technical data
Power supply 220 V, 1-Ph, 50 Hz
Air pressure, MPa 0,6
Air consumption, l/min 40
Machine length, not more than, mm 1200
Machine width, not more than, mm 1200
Machine height, not more than, mm 1600
Machine weight, not more than, kg 600


Multipurpose packaging machine Linepack Mini with a rotary platform combines the functions of vertical and horizontal packaging machines and can pack various food and non-food products in three-seam heat-sealable Flow Pack package type.

The special design provides an option to adjust the angle between 0 and 90, which allows the packaging of loose products (cereals, candies, cookies, etc.) as well as piece goods. The machine has no restrictions for the length of the product - it can start as short as 10cm and continue endlessly from there.

The advantages of semiautomatic Linepack Mini are as follows: easy transitioning for different pack sizes and compact dimensions of the machine.

Standard accessories:
  • Packaging unit with an adjustable bag former
  • Film centering unit (manual)
  • Bag length sensor
  • Automatic splitting up of the sealing wheels
  • Chamber with a decontamination system
  • Sterile service tank
  • BIOZONE system to clean air
  • Automatic flushing device of transport system
  • Sealing unit to seal cups with film from roll and cutting it along cup edges
  • Set of fillers for the another product

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