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Horizontal packaging machine is designed for packing products in heat-sealable three-seam packages such as Flow Pack. Compact size and ease of use make the machine an economical solution for packaging of piece food and non-food products. The touch control panel allows to record up to 10 settings for wrapping in packages of different sizes, with a different set of additional options. The machine actuators are controlled by two asynchronous motors, which ensures reliable operation and high capacity.
Technical data
Kinematical speed, max, cycles/min. 60
Film thickness, mcr 25-40 (up to 65 under certain conditions)
Film reel width, min, mm 400
Film reel diameter, max, mm 350
Film reel weight, max, kg 25
Roller pairs number, pcs 2
Film pulling drive unit Asynchronous
Longitudinal seal drive unit Asynchronous
Technical data
Transversal seal drive unit Rotary, 1-, 2-position
Loading conveyor length, mm 600
Power supply 220 V, 1-Ph, 50 Hz
Power consumption, kW 2
Machine length, not more than, mm 2895
Machine width, not more than, mm 2201
Machine height, not more than, mm 2266
Machine weight, not more than, kg 350

Standard accessories:
  • One unwinding unit
  • Package forming unit
  • Infeed conveyor - 600 mm
  • Slip for product discharge after transverse sealing unit
  • Longitudinal seam sealing unit equipped with two pairs of rollers
  • Carbon steel body structure, powder paint coated
  • Rotary transverse sealing unit equipped with one pair of sealing jaws
  • Manual separation of rollers in broaching and sealing of longitudinal seam unit
  • Zig-zag knife
  • Applicator
  • Cliche printer
  • Discharge conveyor
  • Knife for easy opening
  • Side fold device
  • Film perforation device
  • Replaceable pack former
  • Cylinder + alcohol injection system
  • Extended infeed conveyor
  • Wheels under machine with clamp
  • Rotary transverse sealing unit equipped with two pairs of sealing jaws
  • Easy operation, touch control panel, 10 operation recipes
  • Ideal solution for small production facilities based on stores, supermarkets
  • Ideal for product batch packaging
  • Crumbs collection device to simplify machine cleaning

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