Packaging Line LINEPACK F3M
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Biscuits, wafers, marshmallows, bread, burgers, pancakes, soap bars, sponges, pizza, ice cream, cheese, chocolate bars, etc.
Technical data
Kinematical speed, max, cycles/min. 120
Film type Polypropylene and polypropylene based films
Film thickness, mcr 25-40 (up to 65 depending on conditions)
Product width, min, mm 15
Product width, max, mm 220
Product length, min, mm 20
Product length, max, mm 1000
Product height, max, mm 120
Film reel width, max, mm 600
Film reel diameter, max, mm 350
Film reel weight, max, kg 25
Technical data
Roller pairs number, pcs 2 (3 optionally for pre-heating or seam folding)
Film pulling drive unit Servo
Transversal seal drive unit Servo
Transversal seal mechanism Rotary unit, 1, 2 or 4-position sealing
Loading conveyor length, mm 2000
Power supply 380 V, 3-Ph, 50 Hz
Power consumption, kW 6,8
Machine length, not more than, mm 3900
Machine width, not more than, mm 1100
Machine height, not more than, mm 2100
Machine weight, not more than, kg 550

Horizontal Linepack F3M packaging machine is used for packing piece products (biscuits, wafers, marshmallows, burgers, pancakes, bread, soap bars, sponges, etc.) into flow type packs.

Standard accessories:
  • Machine frame is made of stainless sleel
  • Feeding conveyor
  • Unwinding unit
  • Bag forming unit
  • Photosensor
  • Unit of film drawing and longitudinal sealing
  • Cross sealing unit
  • Outlet conveyor
  • Control panel
  • Thermal printer
  • Transport tables
  • Gathering table
  • Rotary, linear or gravity based automatic placer
  • Cooling table
  • Bag forming unit of special design based on client's requirements
  • Horizontal feeding conveyor of special design based on client's requirements
  • Count of finished goods
  • Tray for collecting the crumbs
  • Automatic labeler
  • Transverse sealing jaws for packaging with 1 cross-seam (for operation with automatic clipping device)
  • Transverse sealing jaws for packaging with a perforated (incomplete) cut
  • Transverse sealing jaws with euroslot
  • Inert gas injection system
  • Gusseting device (with pneumatic pushers)
  • Zig-zag knife
  • Feeding conveyor based on client's requirements
  • Delivery table
  • MAP system
  • Special output conveyors with lengths of 1000 mm and 1300 mm
  • Special input conveyors with lengths of 3000 mm and 4000 mm
  • Special bag forming unit for wide and low products
  • No product - no bag system
  • Asynchronous motor, 3 servo drives
  • Stainless implementation, possibility of washing with a direct water jet
  • Possibility to adjust to different products with the help of control panel
  • "No product - no bag" option
  • Longitudinal sealing unit without collectors to prevent defects
  • Closed type connectors of cross sealing unit to prevent the ingress of dust to the contact area
  • Seam preheating device can be installed to increase capacity (optional)
  • Self-centering film unwinding device with adaptive breaking system
  • Specially designed feeding conveyor of up to 4 m long
  • Tray for collecting the crumbs under the feeding conveyor
  • Informative visual touch screen interface panel
  • Modern European design


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