Successful debut of SIGITASPAK FZE at Propak West Africa 2022
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Successful debut of SIGITASPAK FZE at Propak West Africa 2022

Successful debut of SIGITASPAK FZE at Propak West Africa 2022


The largest exhibition in the region in numbers

This year the exhibition is visited by more than 5,500 visitors: industry professionals from the public and private sectors, representatives of leading brands and associations — visit the exhibition every year. More than 200 companies from 35 countries presented their products and solutions at the exposition.


Leading speakers discussed exclusive market ideas, technological trends and share their experience and knowledge in doing business at the thematic sessions, conferences and seminars within the framework of the exhibition.


The great interest to the packaging equipment for created especially for SMEs needs

SIGITASPAK FZE presented the latest packaging machines manufactured by TAURAS-FENIX which are the result of our approach to the supply of SMEs with affordable and at the same time reliable machinery for virtually every packaging task in the existing food market.

Our expertise is built in strong connections with food and non-food manufacturers worldwide and includes smart and compact solutions for SMEs both with complex packaging lines being run at the leading regional enterprises. Our partner and manufacture TAURAS-FENIX creates flexible, customizable solutions to deliver the smooth experience of growing from a startup to a mid-range business for as many of our end-users as it is possible.


A bright example of this kind is one of our best-selling pieces among SMEs — Pastpak R Mini for dosed packaging of liquid and pasty products which was displayed at our stand. During the all 3 days of the exhibition we were glad to notice great interest to our solutions from the professionals of the industry.

In confirmation of this, a supply contract was signed with one of the largest African juice producers right on the first day of the exhibition at the stand. Certainly, our debut at the exhibition was more than successful and exceeded our expectations.



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