Packaging Machine SCREAM-2FQ
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Scream 2FQ is the new continuous high speed packaging machine, designed to make double-square-bottom bags (block bags) with a double bend of the upper flap, which is fixed with a reclosable label. The system consists of two big different groups, synchronized in e-cam: the continuous packaging machine and the product’s chain with the devices for the upper flap’s double bending and for the label application.

The machine makes sealed square bottom bags filled with a previously weighed dose of product coming from the forming tube. Below the machine’s horizontal sealing jaws, there is the bag’s settling device as well as the bags’ support, which will bring the filled bag to the next station, meanwhile removing exceeding air from the bag, that would hinder the double bend of the upper flap.

On the next station, the product’s chain, the bag falls by gravity on the chain’s belt, already in direct contact with the side of the pusher, which will push the bag under the other working stations. While the belt moves toward the pusher, the bag will pass under the pressure device making the square top, under the drum for the first bend and under the wedge for the second bend. Once the bag leaves these stations, it will be already shaped as a block bag. The label applicator will, then, stick the reclosable label to the pressed doubly bent flap, fixing it to the side of the bag.

Eventually, the finished bag, is pushed out by the exit pushers on a slope leading to a conveyor for finished bags, and will thus leave the machine.

Technical data
Kinematical speed, max, cycles/min. 80
Power supply 380/400V, 50Hz;
Power consumption, kW 21
Air consumption, l/min 350
Machine length, not more than, mm 2895
Machine width, not more than, mm 2201
Machine height, not more than, mm 2066
Machine weight, not more than, mm 1400
Technical data


Standard accessories:

  • Model of standard packaging machine: standard SCREAM film’s width 500mm;
  • Type of cycle: continuous cycle;
  • System’s mechanical speed: 120+ bpm;
  • Horizontal sealing bars: modified to install the adjustable bag’s deflating device;
  • List of Servo drives with Rockwell Automation controller, managed in e-cam:

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