Packaging Line EURO
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Piece products, products on substrate/tray.
Technical data
Kinematical speed, max, cycles/min. 120 / 200 High Speed version
Bag width, min, mm 30
Bag width, max, mm 280
Bag length, min, mm 40
Bag length, max, mm 1000 / Limitless with guillotine
Product height, max, mm 130
Film reel width, min, mm 80
Film reel width, min, mm 600 (800 upon request)
Film reel diameter, max, mm 350
Roller pairs number, pcs 2 (3 optional)
Technical data
Longitudinal seal drive unit Servo
Transversal seal drive unit Servo
Transversal seal mechanism Rotative (guillotine unit as optional)
Power consumption, kW 9
Machine length, not more than, mm 3900
Machine width, not more than, mm 1100
Machine height, not more than, mm 1900
Machine weight, not more than, mm 500
Structure material Stainless steel AISI 304


Horizontal packaging machine EURO allows to realize three-seals bags sarting from a plain thermo-sealing film reel. Fully servi assisted, it has a cantilevered construction in a frame in stainless steel. All its groups are modular and easily removable. The compact dimensions together with the wide range of available optionals makes it very flexible and the ideal solution to pack a large variety of food and non food products. Two wide drawers with key facilitate the cleaning.

  • Loading conveyor with brushless motor, adjustable guides, easily removable interlocking pushers, easily adjustable falling point (while assembling). Frame in AISI 304. Conveyor’s elongation available as optional.
  • Reel holder is arranged to host a printer. Print centering photocell.
  • 7,7” touch screen on satin inox consolle. Start, stop, reset and emergency buttons. Recordable recipes.
  • Adjustable former.
  • Sealing wheels’ group consists of 2 pairs (3 as optional) diam. 120 to pull and seal the film. Transmission is greased and hermetical, independent and brushless powered. Distance from the welding jaws is adjustable (while assembling). First pair of wheels opens manually. Interlocking easily removable uppper sheet.
  • Welding jaws are avilable in four diameters (108/138/168/198), with one concave jaw or with double jaw. It has its own brushless motorization with planetary gearbox. Gears on the operator’s side and the simple construction make usual handling and maintenance easy and quick.
  • Unloading conveyor with independent and external to the machine motorization. Easily cleanable and according to FDA norms. 
  • Motor is controlled by an inverter, which is resposnible for conveyor’s speed according to the wheels’ one.
  • Print centering photocell
  • Double jaw
  • Zig-zag knife
  • Easy opening (1 only zig-zag point)
  • Euroslot
  • No Product - No Bag
  • Pneumatically opening sealing wheels with air blow
  • Pneumatically expansible reel holder
  • Third pair of sealing wheels
  • Right version
  • Wheels under machine with locking device
  • Alcohol sparyer + tank
  • Cliche’ printer
  • Programmable printer
  • Lowered jaws’ sealing
  • Lowered wheels’ sealing
  • Shaped wheels’ sheet
  • Cutter function
  • Pitch change
  • Version for 800mm reel
  • Side gusstes with pneumatic cylinders (50bpm, max 60 micron film)
  • Side gussets with nozzles and air blow (max 35 micron film)
  • Side gusstes with harmonic steel sheets (50bpm, max 35 micron film)
  • Loading conveyor + 1m
  • Pre-heating for the first sealing wheel’s pair (advisable for higher speeds than 10m/min.)
  • Structure is fully made of stainless steel
  • Bag length is up to 1000 mm
  • Jaws automatic opening if products are intengled in between 
  • No plastic part in structure
  • Jaws’ protective cover is easily opened
  • Larger reel width, up to 600 mm

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